Frequently Asked Questions

What Else Do You Do?

A foodie by day, and a Freelance Writer by night. I am a jack of all trades who does marketing collateral like advertorials, website content, social media management, articles, and even an editorial job where I proofread essays. And on the side, I develop recipes too! But beyond food, I too maintain a Lifestyle Blog of my own called I am Diane Nicole.

Are All Your Posts Sponsored?

While I do get invites to Grand Openings, Media Launches and Restaurant Features from time to time, I make sure to separate my personal Food Trips from the pack. Just check the end of every blog entry or post– I usually thank the organizer or the person who invited me for sponsored events. And of course, all reviews, whether paid or free, are not biased.

How Do You Take Photos?

My phone is my friend. The subject– food– is in its natural state. No doubles, no fakes, and no post-processing, save for minimal enhancements and some artistic flair where it becomes part of a flatlay, set aside on its own, or surrounded by props. But as for the quantity and quality of the dish itself, what you see is what you get.

How Do You Write Reviews?

Food is subjective, so in the good, bad and ugly scheme of things, I focus on the good. The positives. Taste, flavor and mouthfeel. If the spiciness lingers, if there’s a smokiness– as though you’re eating the dish through my perspective, and feasting on it with your eyes. If a dish is not to my standards, I don’t write about it anymore. I’d rather not discriminate and judge because our preferences vary in the end. I may not like it, but someone else can. Plus, I wouldn’t want to ruin a restaurant’s hard work.

Anything You Don’t Eat?

Beef. Short story is because I’m Buddhist. Long story is that I made a wish, sacrificed beef in exchange, and it came true. But don’t worry. I’m fine with all other meats.

Who is Fried and Prejudice?

I am a one-woman show– a little lady who stands on chairs to get the perfect flatlay. A foodie so meticulous that I need to take tons of photos at varying angles to get that perfect shot. But most importantly, I am a work in progress who learns through food.