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UnPHOgettable Deals: Enjoy Free Delivery on Your Vietnamese Favorites from Pho24

Pho24 now delivers authentic Vietnamese food straight to your home… and with free delivery for a limited time!

Rainy days call for comfort food. And what better way to enjoy bed weather than by indulging in Vietnamese food?

Comfort Food at its Finest

Heartwarming, hearty, and deliciously simple. That, to me, is Vietnamese food. Known for its use of fresh ingredients and aromatics, Vietnamese cuisine is characteristically light but surprisingly filled with complex flavors—like sweet, sour, and fishy nuances.

Like other Asian cuisines, Vietnamese dishes overall have a sense of balance—yin and yang, so to speak. From the sweet and salty, to the cool and warmth, the fresh and the fermented, the result is a comforting and meticulously-prepared dish.

Authentic Vietnamese Food, Delivered

And we’ve got news! Whenever you’re craving for a heartwarming bowl of Pho or perhaps a bright Vermicelli salad, Pho24 now offers online delivery. That’s authentic Vietnamese fare (from a Vietnamese brand, no less) delivered straight to your home or work!

Of Vietnamese Favorites

Pho Chicken

Chicken soup for the soul indeed. This hearty bowl of Pho showcases a light chicken broth with flat (but soft) rice noodles— topped with tender bites of chicken, beansprouts, and a medley of onions and spring onions. Best paired with a light splash of fish sauce or hoisin.

Vermicelli Bowl

A bright and colorful salad featuring thin rice noodles, topped with crisp cabbage and beansprouts, peanuts, and refreshing bites of mint leaves. The finisher? Fried spring rolls for that crunchy and much-needed meaty bite. Overall a great mix of different textures and flavors—tied together with a refreshing sweet and sour fish sauce dressing.

Combo Spring Rolls

An essential side to every Vietnamese dish, these spring rolls come in both fresh and fried iterations. The fresh rolls are made with a thin rice paper wrapper, encasing shrimp, vermicelli, and greens. On the other hand, the fried rolls feature ground pork, vermicelli, and greens—reminiscent of lumpia but lightly salted.

The former tastes best in a creamy and nutty peanut dipping sauce, while the latter is simply amazing with the trademark fish sauce.

Other Offerings

Pho Beef Fillet

A beef broth with flat rice noodles, beansprouts, onions, and thin but lean beef. Same light flavors—nothing overwhelming or overpowering—but much meatier compared to the chicken.

Pro Tip: better consume the Pho immediately, since the noodles tend to suck up the broth quickly.

How to Order

But wait, there’s more! For the whole month of September, you can even enjoy free delivery on your favorites! Order thru their site at

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