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Rainy Day Must-have: Affordable Fil-Chi Comfort Food from Mack Nam

Rainy days are good for warm, soupy meals—comfort food favorites, so to speak. For tonight’s dinner, we indulged in Filipino-Chinese dishes that were hearty, nostalgic, and heartwarming.

The beauty in these dishes from Mack Nam is that they’re easy to prepare. Each one comes in a frozen pack, which you can easily heat up in a pot or in the microwave. They’re ready-to-cook, easy to prepare, and hassle-free—perfect for busy days, lazy days, or days when you don’t know what to cook.

My Favorite Dishes

These are my favorites from the bunch. And the best part? They’re super affordable! Will definitely reorder these for rainy day cravings and last minute meal preps:

Wanton (₱60)

Tiny pork dumplings—reminiscent of molo. Although small, they’re generously packed with ground pork. And unlike most dumplings with either a thick skin or paper thin skin that dissipates easily, this one strikes the right balance.

These wantons are best paired with beef pares or a warm, meaty broth (with leafy greens and misua in tow). But personally, you can even have it dry—served with chili garlic sauce for that spicy kick.

Siomai (₱60)

Small bites of pork-filled dumplings. Eating this takes me back to my childhood days of eating in Masuki—an old Chinese restaurant with the best chicken mami and siomai. Though these ones are smaller, these siomai features the same sweet-savory taste of ground pork encased in the same soft skin. Best enjoyed with a mix of calamansi and soy sauce. Yum!

Mack Nam’s Other Offerings

Because of my promise never to eat beef for life, I sadly could not partake in Mack Nam’s other dishes. Nevertheless, fellow foodies are raving about this dish, which is why you ought to give it a try:

Mami Solo Pack (₱60)

A ready-to-cook pack of hearty noodle soup, featuring egg noodles, beef pares, 3 pieces of wanton, and powdered pork for the broth. To assemble, cook the egg noodles and wanton in boiling water, then strain. Cook the pork powder in water, then add your noodles, wanton, and finish off with the cooked beef pares.

Beef Pares Group Meal (₱220)

800g of beef pares—good for 3 to 5 people. It’s a Filipino dish that borrows Chinese elements of star anise and rock sugar. Richly flavorful with savory notes and a subtle sweetness, this beef pares features chunks of tender beef in a thick sauce.

How to Order

To order, you can message Mack Nam’s Facebook and Instagram pages. Alternatively, you can reach this Manila-based shop by contacting their mobile number at (+63)9237351894.

Orders can be shipped through third-party courier services like Grab, Lalamove, and the like. Shipping fee is to be shouldered by the buyer.

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