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LOOK: These New Doughnuts from Poison Come with a Kikk!

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it—these soy sauce-themed doughnuts are soy yummy!

In modern-day cooking and baking, people have become more adventurous. Flavors have become more dynamic, with sweet and savory pairings, spicy and sweet flavors, and more. Food is constantly being reinvented and pushed to the limits, with amazing results to show for.

As a foodie with a curious palate, I usually find myself trying out new and quirky flavors. I don’t just stick to the basics—rather, I gravitate to what’s new… what’s different. And this is what brought me to try Poison Coffee & Doughnuts‘ newest soy sauce-themed doughnuts.

Together with Kikkoman, Chef Sonny Mariano created not just one, but 3 different takes on this limited edition series. Although sweet and savory pairings like Maple Bacon exist, seeing (and tasting) a doughnut made with soy sauce was definitely a first.

Before first getting into it, I was expecting a savory dougbnut, but I was pleasantly surprised to find an overall caramelly sweetness to all 3 variants—thanks to the natural umami flavors of soy sauce.

But unlike the usual caramel with its cloying stickiness, only the essence is captured and with it, you get a light but velvety smooth mouthfeel, paired with soft but bouncy bites of Poison’s trademark sourdough-based doughnuts.

Available Flavors

The Kikko Man

Soy sauce-glazed doughnuts filled with generous amounts of soy sauce buttercream. My top pick out of the 3, it reminded me of the classic bavarian, but with toffee-like and more full-bodied flavors.

Kikko Shoyu Bonito

A doughnut topped with wasabi white chocolate glaze, soy sauce frosting, and bonito flakes. There’s no spiciness from the wasabi (I feel like mine barely had) but you do get strong notes of white chocolate, a light caramelly Kikk (pun intended), and briny flecks of bonito flakes in every bite.


Kinako-dusted soy sauce and miso glazed doughnuts topped with nuts and filled with banana pudding. Another favorite (yes, I’m partial to filled doughnuts) that reminds me of the Kikko Man, but this time, with a creamy banana pudding filling. The miso gives it a savory balance that offsets the sweet and rich flavors, which I enjoyed.

How to Order

Each doughnut is available for ₱105. Visit them at The Alley at Karrivin or order via their website. Alternatively, you can also inquire and see their latest products over on their Instagram.

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