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A2Manila Now Offers Authentic Mascarpone Tiramisu that You’ll Definitely Love

I Tira-MISS-u already, you Mascarpone Tiramisu~

If I could be fueled by two things alone, I’d choose sugar and coffee in a heartbeat. But what happens when you put the two together? Well, you get an amazing treat (and a sugar rush while you’re at it!).

When we’re talking about coffee-based desserts, one of the top of mind choices includes Tiramisu. Although many local versions use the more affordable cream cheese option, the authentic, Italian version calls for the fancier Mascarpone.

Don’t get me wrong—I like Tiramisu in its different iterations. But then, how can I call myself a foodie if I don’t try the authentic version, right?

Tiramisu Unlike Any Other

Enter the Mascarpone Tiramisu by A2Manila. A decadent treat served in a box, this Italian dessert is as authentic as it gets. Why? For one thing, it uses Italian ingredients—coffee-soaked savoiardi (commonly known as ladyfingers) as the base, creamy Mascarpone cheese, and a generous dusting of cocoa powder on top.

And it sets the bar high for a Tiramisu dessert! Unlike most versions that have a distinct sour note of cream cheese (sometimes bordering in a coffee cheesecake kind of dessert), A2Manila’s Tiramisu seamlessly blends the buttery, sweet notes of Mascarpone in its cream.

Plus, it pairs especially well with the bittersweet notes of the coffee-soaked savoiardi base.

The Tiramisu Experience

When eating your first bite of this Tiramisu, you get ladyfingers that are saturated with coffee, making it moist and spongy—almost like a cake. It’s followed by the creamy center—one with a velvety mouthfeel and a smooth, almost buttery consistency.

And the finisher? A dusting of cocoa to bring you back from the creamy high with its distinct bitter chocolatey taste.

Overall, the taste is good. Not too sweet, not too heavy, and not overwhelming. Amid all the creaminess, the coffee element remains distinct and I like that a lot.

My only concern though is the consistency. It doesn’t hold its form like other layered cakes— probably because it’s just so creamy—but then that can easily be remedied by keeping it in the freezer.

The Mascarpone Tiramisu is available in a 6.5 x 6.5-inch container for an introductory price of ₱680.

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For orders and inquiries, you can contact A2Manila on Viber or SMS at 09258041993 or through Instagram and Facebook.

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