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East Meets West in Chef Park’s Newest Flavor: the Korean Buffalo Chicken

Enjoy the best of both worlds with Chef Park’s newest chicken flavor—best paired with soju or beer!

On weekdays, when the clock hits 7, my work ends, and I’m off to binge watch another K-drama. This is how I unwind after a busy day and I am living for it.

Currently, I’m in the middle of watching “Tail of the Nine-tailed”—a series about a former mountain spirit slash nine-tailed fox who has been looking for the reincarnation of his “one true love”. It’s good stuff, really. There’s romance, there’s suspense, action… and a good looking cast.

And of course, what’s a binge session without food and booze? I’ve got some Korean chicken ready, along with some Kimchi and Jinro Green Grape Soju to go with it.

But this chicken isn’t your usual KFC—Korean Fried Chicken. It actually comes with a twist.

The Best of Both Worlds

As part of a creative East Meets West concept, Chef Park’s introduced their newest variant: the Korean Buffalo Chicken. Bringing together the distinct sour tanginess of NY-style Buffalo chicken with the fiery heat of Korean flavors, you get a spicy, zesty, and bold kind of chicken.

In trademark Korean Chicken fashion, these flavors are applied to tender pieces of deep-fried boneless chicken coated in a crunchy skin. And the meat in itself is amazingly soft and juicy—hardly dry. The skin even retains its crisp texture even after delivery, which is rare in most fried chicken takeaways.

Of course, it’s best consumed immediately.

But what I love most? The heat. It is actually spicy this time around, and it lingers in the mouth! When eating this chicken, you’re treated to the sour and tangy taste first, but that quickly dissipates, leaving you with a fiery heat that has some people grabbing their water.

But in my case? I’d take a bite of Kimchi, drink a shot of ice-cold soju, and continue with my show.

How to Order

For Kimchi lovers, the Korean Buffalo chicken is available with Chef Park’s Kimchi rice for just ₱295. You can even get this in sharing size for ₱495 by calling them at 09778030111.

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For more details on their menu, you may visit their website at or check them out on Instagram and Facebook.

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