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Wishing for Some Good Coffee or Tea? 11:11’s Got You Covered.

When the clock strikes 11:11, it’s time to make a wish. And for those coffee or milk tea cravings, 11:11 Philippines promises to grant you yummy drinks.

Coffee, tea, or me? If you ask me, it’ll really depend on the occasion and my mood. For days when I need to be productive, my go-to choice is coffee to get that caffeine buzz, while on lazy and more indulgent days, tea is my favorite beverage of choice.

My latest discovery—one with both coffee and tea and tons of other drinks to choose from—is a cute little shop called 11:11. With branches in Quezon City at Eastwood Mall and Maginhawa, as well as a newly-opened branch in Wilson Street along San Juan, getting my coffee and tea cravings is just as easy for me. And how I wish I could go to the stores one day—they’re super Instagrammable and picturesque!

But for now, I’ve settled with deliveries, thanks to Grab Food (though they’re also available in Pick.A.Roo and they’re much cheaper there—tipid hacks!). And even so, the drinks, most especially the coffee, looked so pristine with its layers of coffee, milk, and sugary syrup. You can really tell the rider took great care not to topple over the drinks—something I really appreciate, since I take photos of my food and drink all the time.

Afternoon Tea and Coffee

I got the coffee for myself today’s afternoon tea (and coffee) session, the milk tea next to it belongs to my sister. Unlike my ever-changing tastes, she’s a bona fide milk tea person—no questions asked. We got their:

Sea Salt Cafe Latte

My newfound coffee favorite! The coffee used comes from Go Brew PH—a local coffee brewery. It has an intense flavor, much like barako, but without the sour acidic aftertaste. And unlike most coffees that make use of the cream and sugar combination, this drink features a sea salt cream cheese ice cap for added creaminess and a touch of saltiness to cut through the overall richness.

As for taste, it reminded me of Häagen-Dazs coffee ice cream—richly heady and creamy, but in drink form. Yum!

11.11 Classic Milk Tea

A classic milk tea drink with a black tea base. Stole a sip from her drink and noticed that the taste of tea is more prevalent than most sugar-loaded milk teas out there. The milk in itself is light—one that seamlessly blends with the tea.

Overall, the drink is not too sweet, light and easy on the stomach, and refreshing. As for the pearls, they’re chewy and springy—the ideal texture for boba. That is, if you enjoy the drink right away.

How to Order

11:11 is currently open for takeout and delivery, given the current Extended Community Quarantine (ECQ) regulations. For orders, you can contact them via:

Call or Text

  • Eastwood (10AM to 9PM): 09368989936
  • Maginhawa (10AM to 9PM): 09278532428
  • Wilson (11AM to 9PM): 09275030103

Social Media

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