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HAKKAW do I SIOMAI Love? By Sharing These Dimsum Favorites From Shiok Shack With You!

Growing up in a Chinese family meant having Chinese food at least once a week. It may sound dull having the same thing over and over again, but you’d actually be surprised. Chinese cuisine is actually diverse with various unexplored dishes—mostly exotic and spicy ones from different provinces in China. But stories about those dishes are for another day. For now, we focus on a classic: dimsum.

Partaking in dimsum from different restaurants has given us a discerning palate for what is good and what is… not as good—a feat I’m proud of to this day. I mean, if you’ve eaten way too many pieces of siomai and Hakkaw growing up, you’ll know which ones are legit in both taste and flavor. Those are on a different level from mass-produced ones that have more fat than meat in them.

And I’m proud to share a shop that offers excellent dimsum: Shiok Shack PH. This home-based business offers frozen dimsum that you cook at home anytime for those cravings. What sets their offerings apart from the rest is that each one is hefty in size, oh-so-meaty, and generously filled with shrimp. You really get your money’s worth with these jumbo pieces, that’s for sure.

Although Shiokshack has expanded their menu since their humble beginnings, I was able to try two of their mainstays: the Jumbo Siomai and Hakkaw… paired of course with their Chili Garlic Sauce.

Jumbo Siomai (₱459 for 16 pcs)

Large pieces of siomai, complete with shrimp in between. Overall not too salty, very much meaty, and encased in a soft yellow skin. Love how it’s very lean, not fatty at all.

Jumbo Hakkaw (₱399 for 8 pcs)

Large pieces of shrimp in a sturdy but soft rice paper wrapper. The fact that it has actual whole shrimp inside and not just chopped up pieces makes it my absolute favorite.

Chili Garlic Sauce (₱259 for a 200g bottle)

Delightfully spicy and garlicky, this sauce packs a punch! It’s made up of finely chopped chili and crunchy minced garlic for that added crunch—unlike most chili garlic sauces that use soft garlic. You can even use this to make fried rice—that is, if you can take the heat.

How to Order

For orders and inquiries, you can contact Shiok Shack over on Facebook or Instagram. Shiok Shack is based in New Manila, Quezon City, but they accommodate batch orders down South on certain dates. Head on over to their social media pages to find out when!

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