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Before Milk Tea was Cool, Quickly Offered TARO-fic Taro Drinks That You Need to Try… Stat!

Before the influx of numerous Taiwan milk tea franchises here in the Philippines, there have been local milk tea shops all around. Borrowing the ideas and ingredients of these Taiwanese franchises, these shops offered affordable milk teas and drinks even before milk tea was cool—pun intended.

One example of a milk tea slash drink shop I used to love as a kid was Quickly. In fact, we’d make it a point to stop by the kiosk near our school to get a drink or two—a reward of sorts for a job well done.

Known for their creamy taro drinks and slushes, this brand has stood the test of time with its line of affordable drinks and varied selection.

Although I’m not usually a fan of taro (in savory or sweet variants) because of its powdery texture, I have always loved Quickly’s Taro Ice. Yes, this slush doesn’t have any actual taro chunks in it and yes, it’s probably made from a powder, but call it an indulgence of sorts—I love the sweetness, the earthiness, the milkiness, and how everything just works well together.

In the quest for something nostalgic, I called for Quickly through Grab Food and got myself a Taro Ice with Nata and a Taro Milk Tea to keep for those late-night cravings. And I was just floored: the Taro Ice tasted the same as before! Same milky notes (I wouldn’t call it creamy—the consistency is more like icy milk) and same nostalgic taste. Not too sweet but with that subtle ube flavor and same chewy nata.

As for the Taro Milk Tea? To be honest, I wouldn’t say it’s a milk tea. It tasted just like the slush—just liquid and more potent than its icy counterpart and richly ube-tasting. No notes of tea in this drink—just sweet, taro goodness.

The Taro Ice with Nata is available in the GrabFood app for ₱80 (regular) and at ₱90 (large), while the Taro Milk Tea is available for ₱75 if you’re getting the regular size. You can always visit your nearest Quickly branch or order for delivery, just like what I did!

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