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ROMAINE Calm: This Organic Salad Kit by Farmed Forces is Healthy but still Tasty

Honestly, without friends to regularly check up on what I’m eating (and judging the contents of my fridge), I would have gone down a spiral of eating nothing but sweets, junk food, and instant noodles. But to be fair, ever since I’ve started my Meatless Monday regimen, I’ve been incorporating more greens into my diet. Though today’s meal? Well, isn’t entirely meat-free.

I’ve got with me the Silang Salad Kit from the Farmed Forces and according to the box it came with, this was meant to feed two. But with someone as hungry as me, this was already good for one meal. In it you get post-organic lettuce, herbs, butterfly pea flowers, and arugula as your greens. And to give it flavor, there’s herbed coco croutons and crunchy bacon bits.

This salad is deeemed to be a ketogenic and gluten-free dish with its fixings and Yankee Bravo dressing—a creamy yolk and butter-based mix. Inspired by the themes of a morning breakfast and a Ceasar Salad, it is a rich and hearty kind of salad. Healthy because of the greens, but at the same time indulgent because of the bacon. Cause really, who can resist the allure of bacon?

Overall, I love the mix of greens and how fresh and crisp they were. The herbs add an earthy taste that a purely lettuce-based salad cannot achieve—like refreshing minty notes, for example. And even though I’m not usually a fan of arugula because of its bitterness, the lightly salted croutons and the tangy bacon masked it well. As for the dressing? Very rich, all right. Though if I could, I’d need more of it to cover this amount of greens.

My only concern would be the touch of acidity. I think the dressing could use a spritz of lemon or perhaps a splash of vinegar. Since the dressing can get a bit too heavy, I think the sour notes will provide an excellent contrast and uplift the salad more.

The Silang Salad Kit—good for 2—is priced at ₱310, while the Family Size, which is good for 5, is priced at ₱749.

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