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This Banging Biryani by El Komisaryo is a RICE Meal to Have for the Weekend

Plus, get more bang for your buck with this yummy Chicken Biryani tray and all the sides that come with!

The way I see it, my cravings are funny paradox of who I am as a person—one who is seemingly tame and old-fashioned, but is actually multi-dimensional, wild, and adventurous inside. That’s why as opposed to my traditional family, I relish in food that is whimsical and filled with tons of flavors.

As someone who loves exploring different cuisines and trying limited-edition releases, I was of course drawn to the offerings of El Komisaryo. You see, this home-based business serves up something new every weekend—a different cuisine, a different combination of dishes, and of course, different flavors to keep you on your toes.

For this coming edition of Chef’s Table Weekend, El Komisaryo takes your palate down India with their Chicken Biryani. A Muslim dish made up of Indian spices, meat, egg, and vegetables atop fragrant rice, this dish is both hearty and flavorful.

Chef’s Table Weekend: Banging Biryani

As one would expect in a classic Biryani, you get tender and oh-so-juicy pieces of seasoned chicken fillet paired with a generous helping of both pickled and caramelized onions, sprigs of coriander, and saffron-infused basmati rice with touches of turmeric and butter for that rich flavor. Toasted pieces of buttered pita bread are served on the side with a cucumber raita and tamarind sauce that you can add for extra creamy notes or a zing of sour-sweet notes.

Beyond the richly diverse flavor profile, what I do love about this dish is that it isn’t heavily spiced—there is no strong smell as one would expect in Indian food—which anyone, even non-adventurous foodies, can enjoy.

Plus, the chicken isn’t too salty and each element works well together. There is nothing overpowering about it. No overly bitter wansui, no strong saltiness—just a smoky char from the onions, earthy chicken, and buttery rice, which works best with the tamarind sauce.

Thus, the resulting dish has a more mellow profile compared to authentic biryani, but promises contrasting tastes of sweet, sour, savory… all in one bite!

How to Order

The BangingBiryani set—which includes the Chicken Biryani, buttered Pita Bread, Cucumber Raita sauce, and Tamarind sauce—is available for ₱700 on February 27 and can feed about 3 to 4 people.

For orders and inquiries, you can message El Komisaryo on Instagram or via SMS at 09162731474. Thanks for letting me try this out!

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