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Beyond Sushi, Genki Sushi Offers SurpRICEingly Good Rice Bowls

It’s no surpRICE that we love our rice. Pun intended. Rice is fluffy, soft, and oh-so-filling—a very versatile carb that goes well with viands from all sorts of places and cuisines.

Speaking of viands, I’ve got news. One of my favorite sushi joints Genki Sushi now offers rice bowls aside from its usual array of sushi, maki, and sashimi. And best of all, these rice bowls are diverse.

My Favorites

Aside from the classic Japanese ones like the Katsudon or Chicken Teriyaki donburi—which are equally tasty in their own right—they’ve even got fusion Filipino-Japanese rice dishes that are worth sampling.

These include:

Chicken Katsudon (₱230)

Deep-fried chicken fillet, which is cut into slices for easy eating, topped on rice, and slathered with a sweet and savory sauce. The finisher? A scrambled egg and some caramelized onions for that added flavor.

Chicken Teriyaki Don (₱230)

Chunks of char-grilled chicken that’s tossed in a tangy Teriyaki sauce and placed on top of steaming white rice.

Salmon Black Pepper Don (₱390)

A unique take on katsudon, but with salmon as the star. The fish is seasoned for a peppery flavor before being covered in a freshly-cooked egg, a savory sauce, and some beans on top. One of my favorites because of the strong flavors!

Japanese Tuna Adobo (₱180)

A fusion dish featuring Japanese tuna cooked in soy sauce and vinegar… adobo-style! Served on a sizzling plate for added smokiness, topped with corn and generous amounts of mayo for creaminess. It’s like Sisig meets Adobo, but better!

Premium Grilled Salmon Belly Nigiri

Not exactly a rice bowl, per se, but this fancy take on sushi is worth mentioning—especially for those who don’t eat raw fish. The fish is grilled to perfection and seasoned well. Plus, it even comes with some rice for a single bite of yummy, fishy, goodness!

Other Dishes Served

Gyudon (₱280)

Minced Seafood (available last August 2019 for Buwan ng Wika)

Minced Pork (available last August 2019 for Buwan ng Wika)

Disclaimer: these photos were taken pre-pandemic during a food event in Genki Sushi’s SM Megamall branch.

Always practice proper social distancing and protocols when dining in or order delivery and enjoy these goodies in the safety of your own home.

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