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LOOK: These Croissants from Butterboy are Bigger and BUTTER than Ever!

If we’re on the topic of bread, I’m more of a croissant kind of girl. And if it were up to me, I’d have it every day. I mean, who would resist the flaky crust, the buttery texture, and how it yields an airy softness in the center once you take a bite?

Thing is, not all croissants are made the same way. Some are too soft and limp, while others are too hard and crunchy. But personally, I like mine balanced—like the croissants by Butterboy.

My Favorite Flavors

Butterboy adds a creative spin to theirs by offering sweet and savory options beyond the classic plain croissant (which by the way, is just as buttery and good).

These include sweet treats like the Pain au Chocolat (chocolate-filled croissant), Strawberry and Apple Danish, or savory ones like the limited-edition Truffle and Cheese croissant. What’s more, they’ve got special croissants with creative flavors you can’t find anywhere else!

My must-have flavors include:

Butter Croissant (₱52)

A classic. The OG croissant. Flaky on the outside, soft and buttery inside, and airy but still filling all the same. A must-have!

Truffle Fondue Croissant (limited-edition)

A fancy take on the cheesy croissant, complete with truffle oil that you inject into the pastry for that earthy flavor and aroma. As for that gooey cheese layer inside? It’s infused with wine for that salty, bitter, and creamy action. Just wish they brought this one back!

Tom Yum Goong Croissant Sandwich (₱140)

A flaky sandwich topped with mayo and cilantro, filled with a signature coconut Tom yum sauce, pieces of shrimp, and mushrooms in between. The sauce captures the fragrant notes of lime kaffir, the creaminess of the coconut milk, and the sour-savory notes of spices. It has a mild heat, but not enough for a kick, and is more mellow. My only concern? Not enough filling.

Char Siu Croissant Sandwich (₱115)

Sweet and savory meld together in this croissant sandwich. You get a pineapple-infused croissant top and a savory mix of minced pork char siu cooked in sauce. Overall notes of smoky and savory, not too salty, but I would have liked it if the meat was more tangible. It was cut too finely, it felt like a paste instead. But taste-wise? A winner.

For orders and inquiries, you can message Butterboy on Instagram or order through their website. They bake from Tuesdays to Saturdays and start dispatching orders on 12:30pm.

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