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SurpRICE! Here’s How You can Score FREE Choco Pao with Your Chowking Rice Meals

With Chinese New Year fast approaching, it only makes sense to celebrate with Chinese food. That’s why for the whole month of February, Chowking will be giving 3 pieces of Choco Pao for FREE every time you order their Chao Fan combo and Chick ‘n Sauce combo. And when I heard about that, I wanted to give it a try.

Okay, full disclosure: I haven’t had Chowking in a long time. Or to be more accurate, I’ve only had it twice and this is my second time.

Why? I never really wondered. Maybe cause we’ve had so much Chinese food at home that whenever we want fast food, obvious choices would include McDonald’s or Jollibee. But after having their rice meals, I realized that I was missing out on a lot.

Although not authentic Chinese food, since it was tweaked to suit the Filipino palate, the taste, selection, and prices made up for it.

Double Happiness Bundle

Anyway, back to the February promo. For ₱365, this Double Happiness Bundle can feed two people—which is a great deal!

This bundle includes:

Chao Fan

Chowking’s signature dish—a meaty fried rice featuring bits of pork, greens, and aromatics, all tossed together with rice in a soy sauce base. In it you get 4 pieces of meaty pork siomai—best paired with some good ol’ soy sauce and Kalamansi, of course.

And as far as fried rice dishes go, I enjoyed this one a lot because it wasn’t too salty, but it was savory all the same and filled with lots of meaty elements. I guess if I can compare it to something I’ve had a lot, I’d say that this one is probably inspired by the Yang Chao fried rice.

Chick ‘n Sauce

Deep-fried crunchy pieces of chicken with your choice of sweet and sour sauce (though more sweet than sour in my opinion. Not that I’m complaining)—the classic version or a spicier alternative.

A take on the well-loved Chinese Sweet and Sour dish, this version separates the sauce from the chicken. That way, the skin is still crunchy, plus, you can dip it in whichever sauce you like. Personally, the spicy sauce is my favorite because I like a little kick in my chicken.


A classic Filipino dessert. This icy treat features shaved ice topped with coconut jelly (nata de coco), beans, saba banana, jelly, and leche flan. And the finisher? A heaping scoop of ube ice cream.

Each combo meal comes with this and a cup of large coke. But if you like one over the other, you can always get 2 sets of the same thing and still get the Choco Pao for free. Though I suggest getting something different, so you can try them both.

How’s the Choco Pao though? Soft and fluffy siopao bread with gooey sweet chocolate in the middle? An absolute treat, let me tell you.

Visit your nearest Chowking branch to order or you can always get it delivered through their website or third-party delivery apps like Grab and Foodpanda.

Thanks for sending these!

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