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Ready to #MeetUnmeat? You Won’t Miss Meat with Unmeat’s Plant-based Alternatives

Meat-free products may be all the rage right now, but as someone who practices Meatless Mondays and often eats with my vegetarian aunt and uncle (pre-pandemic, of course), I’m already used to seeing and eating plant-based meat alternatives. Usually, these include tofu, mushrooms, or even fruit made to look and taste like meat.

But what about meat made from plant-based proteins? Honestly, I’ve had those, too. But they’re usually imported. And it was only recently that I got to try some local versions, too.

Together with Century Pacific Foods Inc. and Let’s eat Pare, I got to try Unmeat‘s line of plant-based products. Rich in protein and fiber, these frozen “meat” products are pre-cooked and seasoned—made to taste just like their meaty counterparts.

Currently, Unmeat offers frozen Giniling, Nuggets, Burger Patties, and Hungarian Sausages that you can cook on their own or add to your recipes.

In the virtual launch, we had an amazing lunch spread where each Unmeat product was applied—a burrito to showcase the Giniling, Nuggets and ketchup for well… the nuggets, sliced Sausage and Peppers for the Hungarian Sausage, and a vegan burger which highlighted the patty in all its glory.

My Initial Thoughts

Meat-free Nuggets

Unlike the fast food nuggets, this one had a thicker and rougher breading, quite like Panko, but the “meat” itself was meaty and seasoned to taste like chicken.

Meat-free Burger Patties

Meaty and soft mouthfeel, but more put-together. It didn’t collapse like the usual ground meat patties. It had a smoky char like what a burger ought to taste and I liked this one a lot because it wasn’t too salty.

Meat-free Hungarian Sausage

Peppery like its meat counterpart, but much softer and finer in texture, probably because there’s no rubbery skin encasing the meat. But in terms of taste, it’s on-point.

Meat-free Giniling

In terms of texture, it was not as rough and coarse as ground meat. It’s smooth—not chewy like mushrooms—but soft enough to chew.

I’ll be sure to develop more meat-free recipes using these products from Unmeat. Got any suggestions? Let me know in the comments!

Unmeat is available in Shopee, Lazada, in Swift Philippines’ online store, and in groceries nationwide. Thank you for having me!

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