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THIS IS NOT A DRILL: Truffle Honey Chicken Exists and Here’s Where You Can Get it

Crunchy skin, juicy meat, and a deliciously sticky glaze that coats the whole chicken—that’s how KFC ought to be. But I’m not talking about the colonel and his eleven-spice chicken. I’m talking about Korean Fried Chicken!

Usually, Korean Fried Chicken comes in a bright red, sweet and spicy sauce—the Yangnyum chicken—but recently, there have been other non-spicy flavors. And one of my newfound favorites? The Truffle Honey Chicken from Chef Park’s.

Bringing together the earthy notes of truffle with the sweetness of honey, this limited-edition chicken is an absolute treat. As in, the moment you open the box, you’re immediately assailed with the heady scent of truffle and the light grease from deep-fried chicken. Meanwhile, the crisp skin is flaky and just breaks apart into flecks, while the meat inside is soft and chewy—contrasting textures that just seem to work well.

Taste-wise… wow, where to begin? From the delicate sugary sweetness that just melds with the umami to the woodsy taste of truffle in the lightly salted batter, all these elements just make the classic Korean Fried Chicken come alive.

But that’s not all. The beauty in Chef Park’s Korean Fried Chicken is that they use boneless pieces of chicken, which means that there’s no need to pick at bones anymore. Perfect for lazy eaters out there, like me. And even after the chicken is twice fried and glazed, the meat inside remains tender and juicy. Overall not dry, very saucy, and very indulgent without getting overwhelming at all.

The Truffle Honey Chicken, which was launched just this February 1, comes in a sharing box, and is priced at ₱545. This can feed 2 to 4 people, but personally, you can finish a box on your own because it’s. That. Good.

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Visit Chef Park’s website at to order. Available for delivery in Metro Manila and beyond (as far as their couriers can go) or for pick up at #23 9th Avenue Cubao. That’s between Col. B Serrano Ave and Liberty Ave.

Chef Park’s taps third-party couriers like Lalamove, Grab, and Mr. Speedy to deliver. Please pay the rider directly. Delivery cost is not included in your order.

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