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RICE Up and Help Someone in Need by Buying Lyn’s Special Biko

They’ve got trays of Biko for sharing, too!

Beyond the mainstream cakes and cookies, Asian desserts are just as diverse and tasty—especially the ones made with sticky rice. And a local delicacy I’ve recently discovered and loved at first bite is the Biko from Lyn’s Special Biko.

A must-have in every Filipino gathering and easy to make at home, Biko is a local delicacy that a lot of us are familiar with. Made with sticky rice, coconut milk, and brown sugar, the Biko belongs to the Kakanin family (kanin being rice in Filipino) and is commonly eaten as a dessert or snack. It’s usually served atop banana leaves, garnished with latik—toasted coconut cooked in milk.

Although many shops and homes have made this dessert countless times, Lyn’s Special Biko comes with a story. According to the business owner, the Biko is made by their helper Lyn. A resident in Bicol, who was affected by the recent Typhoon Ulysses, Lyn’s house was destroyed by the storm. But through the support of her boss, she then began making and selling Biko. Thus, sales from this Biko not only serve as extra income for Lyn, but will also be used to repair her house.

In terms of mouthfeel, the Biko has a fluffy and soft chew. Definitely sticky, but not the stubborn kind that gets stuck all over. Taste-wise, it has a roasted sugary taste—though not too sweet with slightly salted yet creamy pieces of coconut for added contrast. A good kind of Biko and in plentiful portions, too.

Lyn’s Special Biko comes in two sizes: ₱399 for the Big Tray (7×7 inch tray good for 5 to 7 people) and the ₱99 Small Tray that’s good for 1 to 2 people.

And this holiday season, they’ve got a promo for more savings! These include:

– Bundle A: buy 3 Big Biko for ₱999, save ₱198

– Bundle B: buy 8 Small Biko, get 1 free

For orders and inquiries, you can visit their Instagram page. Thanks for sending this! ❤️

Got any Filipino delicacies that you recommend? Share them with us!

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