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A Taste of Home: Gelai.PH Now Delivers Nourishing Chinese Comfort Food Right at Your Doorstep

In crazy times like this—with a pandemic and typhoon among other things—we need to keep healthy. And what better way than with food?

Both comforting and nourishing, Gelai PH‘s meals remind me of the traditional Chinese dishes that my mom and grandmother (amah) would cook for me growing up—a taste of home, so to speak.

As a kid, I didn’t think much of it, but now, I’ve had a newfound appreciation for the complex flavors and the benefits that these dishes have. And since I have no time to cook, let alone no idea how to replicate them, this was such a godsend.

Just a bit of FYI. Ge Lai, in Chinese, refers to post-partum care for those who have just given birth. And although this shop offers meal plans for them, ranging from teas, soups and viands, they’ve expanded their menu to include nourishing ala carte meals for family. I got to try their:

Healing Chicken Soup

We Fil-Chi kids all grew up drinking this to be healthy. It’s basically a chicken soup filled with rich chicken flavors, pieces of slow-cooked chicken, and some Chinese herbs like Goji berries, red dates, and ginger.

It has a distinct herbal taste, yes, but slightly sweet and umami. Not too salty, but the broth had a distinctly rich chicken taste and a sweet flavor. Plus, the chicken meat was fork tender and just as juicy. Yum!

Black Chicken Cooked in Sesame Oil

Another favorite growing up, this dish is cooked in Chinese herbs like Goji Berries and more ginger. Unlike the usual white chicken, black chicken is smaller and gamey but tastes like any other chicken when plain.

But because this one’s cooked in herbs, it is slightly sweet and lightly salted. Plus, the skin is soft and chewy while the meat is tender and juicy. Now this, I could keep eating.

Everything was just so good. No complaints. It was a perfect rainy day meal and I thoroughly enjoyed everything. Thank you so much for sending this!

With everything that’s been going on, I do hope that you’re all safe. Should you need any help, feel free to fill up this form.

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What’s your go-to comfort food? Share your recommendations to me in the comments!

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