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Here’s the Scoop: Black Scoop Cafe now has ice cream that you can enjoy at home!

In rain or shine, nothing beats having ice cream. It’s delightfully cold, creamy, and comes in tons of flavors. But if you’re looking for a treat that’s different from the usual vanilla variants, then Black Scoop Cafe’s got you.

Black Scoop’s ice cream comes in these copper-tones metal pints, and are priced at ₱185 each. Overall, texture is creamy and thick — the kind that retains its thick consistency even after being taken out and kept in the freezer repeatedly. That’s a plus for me, since most ice creams just end up icy after a return trip from the freezer and back.

Black Scoop’s Ice Cream Flavors

Black Scoop’s ice cream comes in 3 flavors: Okinawa Brown Sugar with Pearl, Black Mascarpone with Graham, and Halo Halo Surprise. If you ask me to choose my favorites among the three, I’d have to say that the Black Mascarpone got me (after a bit of brain freeze because I ate it too fast). But don’t get me wrong — they’re all just as good.

Here’s a close look at each one:

Black Mascarpone with Graham

A cheesy and creamy ice cream dyed in black — thanks to some good ol’ activated charcoal. Unlike most sharp cheeses, this one is mellow and light — the kind that comes with a mild sweetness. On the other hand, the graham adds a gritty mouthfeel to the ice cream, which I think works well if you like multi-dimensional flavors to your ice cream.

Okinawa Brown Sugar with Pearl

A treat for milk tea lovers! While richer and creamier than your usual drink, this flavor still features the same roasted brown sugar taste. Pearls are a nice addition, but be warned that they can be tough if left for long in the freezer. So let it thaw out for a bit.

Halo Halo Surprise

Love halo-halo? This local treat takes all the elements in this dessert and transform it into ice cream. Yes, macapuno, banana slices and all. The base is a creamy ube ice cream with fixings in every bite. Sweet, creamy, and earthy. Be warned though — the banana can become mushy over time, so eat this one fast.

To order, you can message your nearest Black Scoop branch on Facebook and Instagram, or go straight to the main franchise.

Which flavor caught your eye? Let us know in the comments!

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