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LOOK: Snaptea offers Meiji Apollo milk tea and other TEA-riffic options

Spoiler alert: it tastes like the real deal!

Milk tea is a trend that comes and goes, but it looks like it’s still going strong — pandemic or not. But with all the brands and choices out there, how does one stand out?

Simple. Create a flavor that’s unusual — one so quirky that it sticks out from the mainstream Wintermelon or Okinawa.

Photo from Snaptea (IG: @snapteaph)

And that’s just what Snaptea did. Their Premium milk tea flavors are not only affordable, but just as yummy, too! I mean come on, their largest size — the Venti — is just ₱100 each. Now that’s a great deal!

Available Premium Flavors

For a When in Manila feature, I was assigned to tackle milk tea joints up North. And Snaptea was one of them. Thus, I was given the honor of trying 4 of their flavors. These include:

Apollo Meiji: first off, I have to say that this drink really captured the essence of my favorite childhood chocolate. Strong notes of strawberry with the subtle splash of chocolate — all in a milky package? This one has to be my favorite out of all the drinks. The tea taste may not be present, but the experience is still a nostalgic one — the kind that feels like you were drinking straight up Meiji chocolate.

Chocolate Loaded: overall, feels like drinking chocolate milk with streaks of cream painted across the cup. This adds an extra richness to the drink, but the experience to me feels like drinking cocoa, but cold. Not too rich, and not too sweet, and my second favorite.

Oreo Cheesecake with Rock Salt Cheese: milk tea (though more milky than tea) paired with crushed oreo? A real treat. Howevet, the name calls for rock salt cheese, and the salty taste was barely there. It’s more on the thin side, with barely any cheesecake, which I think they can improve on.

Graham Cheesecake with Rock Salt Cheese: similar to the Oreo, there is a noticeable absence of both cheesecake and rock salt cheese. As someone who like multi-dimensional flavors, I wanted the salty cheese taste, but sadly didn’t get it here. The drink though is good, if it were marketed as a Graham milk tea drink since it was sweet and had grahams in it.

Is it my cup of tea?

Yes! Although it may not have the characteristic brewed tea taste, Snaptea’s drinks can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. It’s not too bitter for hardcore tea drinkers, nor is it too pricey and boujie.

In addition, the flavors are also inspired by big name brands like Nutella or Apollo Meiji, which a lot of us know. This, combined with the straightforward taste means that what you see is what you get. Except for the cheesecake drinks. Those, for me, need more cheese.

Overall, each drink is sweet, light on the tummy, and not too rich. So yes, you won’t be friends with the toilet even after finishing the entire cup. Plus, the soft and springy pearls that come with each drink are a bonus for those who like to chew their drink.

For quirky yet familiar flavors, Snaptea is your go-to spot. And trust me, it’ll feel like your childhood all over again.

What are other quirky milk tea shops that you know of? Share them with us!

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