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LOOK: These floral cupcakes from Richelle’s are too cute to eat!

Sometimes, I envy people who have a green thumb. It’s just so lovely to see plants and flowers thriving with life in all its colorful splendor. But sad to say, I have a black thumb (or a touch of death, as I jokingly call it), and have killed one too many plants in this lifetime.

Thankfully, there are still ways for a plant killer like me to appreciate flowers. And that is in the form of cupcakes.

Although a lot of places offer floral (and even succulent-looking) cupcakes, I have to say that Richelle’s plant-designed cupcakes really look like the real thing. Some came with leaves, while others showcased large flowers in bloom. Plus, each color is just as vivid and each icing petal is piped so neatly.

Richelle’s Floral Cupcakes

While, yes, visually a treat, we do have to consider taste, too. It is, after all, a cupcake. And cupcakes are meant to be eaten.

Richelle’s cupcakes feature a chocolate cake base with colorful flowers atop each one. Although colorful, they all have the same taste — butter. Not buttery, just butter. Yes, it isn’t very sweet, but to me, it felt like eating straight up butter.

Though understandable, since the icing needed to be hard enough to retain its shape, (since I’m not sure if the usual buttercream will last), I would have liked it better if it had some sugar mixed in with the icing.

Icing aside, the cupcake base itself was good. Chocolatey, crumbly, and soft. It was moist, but not too wet, and not dry that it fell apart. Unlike most sickly sweet chocolate cupcakes, this one was had just the right sweetness.

And when eaten together with the icing, it just somehow seems to balance out.

How to Order

Richelle’s cupcakes are best enjoyed cold for that satisfying bite of ice cream-like icing (also because I worry that our country’s insane heat will reduce the icing to a puddle).

You can even order custom-made cupcakes and cakes bearing these lovely blooms and succulents. Just head on over to their Instagram to order and inquire.

What are other cute cupcakes that you’ve discovered? Share your recommendations with us!

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