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This sugar-free, low-carb Strawberry Shortcake from Chrisha’s Kitchen is so BERRY good!

You’ll love it BERRY much!

It’s no secret — I love a good strawberry shortcake. Something about the spongy chiffon layers, the cream, and the sour-sweet strawberries is just so addicting.

That’s probably why I can be so picky with my cakes. And that’s just the regular one, mind you. I’m extra finicky with the healthy ones, especially since I want it to still taste good. I mean, why eat cake if not for the taste, right?

As for the health benefits? A bonus in my book.

The downside to the healthy cake is that taste is sacrificed for health benefits. Some cakes end up dense and dry, while others have an odd aftertaste because they use a different sweetener. That’s probably why I have yet to find a healthy cake that I like. Until now that is.

Chrisha’s Kitchen: a treat for Southies!

Located down south at Parañaque, Chrisha’s Kitchen offers sugar-free and low carb cakes — perfect for diabetics and those on a ketogenic diet, though I was more concerned with the former. For my grandparents, that is. I shared this strawberry shortcake in a can with my cake-loving grandfather, and he liked it just as much as I did.

Healthy Strawberry Shortcake: Yay or Nay?

A resounding yay, I would say. Why? It was overall a treat. You don’t even realize it’s a healthy cake.

The spongy layer was pleasantly soft — not moist and buttery, but also not too sweet. Meanwhile, you get a layer of strawberry cream in between, and it tastes just like strawberry ice cream: creamy, fruity, and well-combined.

The topper, on the other hand, features a smattering of cream and fresh slices of strawberry arranged in a neat circle.

While it can be hard to get a good cross-section because the sponge is crumbly, I think overall the only room for improvement here is moisture, moisture, moisture. But still overall one of the better healthy cakes I’ve had by far, and the strawberry ice cream-like icing is reason for that.

Special thanks to Wonder Woman Rises for sending this because I, a Northie, would never have realized that this exists if not for your recommendation.

What are other healthy cakes that taste good? Share your recommendations with us!

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