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You’ll like this cake from The Daily Bakes a chocoLOT!

O-cake? O-cake!

While I do love my share of cakes, I’m in a love-hate relationship with chocolate cake. I’ve had one too many dry ones — the kind that has me reaching for a glass of water.

But even so, I won’t give up. I know there’s a delicious chocolate cake out there, and I will find it for sure.

What makes a good chocolate cake?

A good chocolate cake, at least in my opinion, has to have these components: cake layer has to be moist, frosting needs to be creamy and smooth, and the taste has to be multidimensional.

Basically anything that contrasts with the sweet chocolatey flavors that every cake comes with. A bit of salt on chocolate or a touch of hazelnut? Those are more than welcome.

The Daily Bakes: Decadent and Divine

I’m glad to say that the Chocolate Fudge Crunch Boxed Cake from The Daily Bakes passes with flying colors! Yes, for chocolate lovers and even picky cake eaters like me. Not only is the packaging a feast for the eyes (I mean, have you seen that gorgeous acrylic box it comes with?), but the taste is just as decadent and divine.

To appreciate the cake, we must first break down its elements. The bottom layer is made up of crunchy hazelnut praline, while the middle layer is a very moist chocolate sponge cake. The finisher, however, is this glorious pour of chocolate ganache on top — one so thick and decadent.

Each one is tasty in its own right, but together, it’s phenomenal. Sweet, indulgent and oh-so fudgy, it’s a myriad of various textures. From crunchy to soft and cakey, then finally creamy and smooth? Heavenly.

The bite practically melts into your mouth in a cascade of chocolate and subtly nutty flavors. All these and more for a mere ₱550, which I daresay, is worth every peso (and calorie, too).

Just take note — once you’re done with the cake, you can reuse the box for trinkets or even more food. I’ll definitely be using mine for more food! (No surprise there, really.)

Thanks for sending this over!

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What are other chocolate cakes that are worth trying? Share them with us in the comments!

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