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TIYO CRAFT KITCHEN & BAR: Experience Modern Filipino Cuisine in a Post-war, Escolta Gastropub

Bars are synonymous to Poblacion or Makati, but Quezon City has got their own fair share too. In fact, some of these even take it up a notch by serving food along with handcrafted cocktails and the occasional hard drink or two.

For me, these gastropubs are a godsend, since I’ve graduated from the days of loud partying. I’ve never been into crowds and screaming at people just to be heard over the loud music. I would much prefer a night of chill, social drinking in an intimate spot. Simply put, those noisy bars that kids go to just isn’t my cup of tea… or glass of margarita, so to speak.

Thanks to an invitation from my foodie friend Gel Jose of Being Jelly Beans, I was able to try a this little gem that was tucked away from the sea of restaurants in Tomas Morato.

The name? Tiyo Craft Kitchen & Bar.

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