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SHIZUKA CAFE: The Silent Hero that Embraces Deaf and Mute Employees

Japanese food will forever hold a special place in my heart. So, when I heard about a new Japanese restaurant that opened in San Juan, I knew that I had to go there, rainy evening be damned. The name of this place? Shizuka Cafe.

The cafe gets its name from Japanese word shizuka, which can mean two things:

1. Quiet and Silent

2. Calm and Peaceful

… and this is what this little restaurant slash coffee shop exudes. Located at the quiet part of San juan called Little Baguio, Shizuka Cafe employs deaf and mute employees in order to give equal opportunities for everyone. Customers can interact with them using sign language or hand gestures, and each one of them is happy and willing to help you with a smile. Shizuka Cafe is also equipped with all the coffee shop essentials: Wi-Fi, coffee brewed with local beans, and hearty dishes and desserts.

Their selection of food and drink features local ingredients, paired with a touch of Japanese elements. Shizuka Cafe doesn’t call itself authentic, but it does serve homemade comfort food that is simple, and at the same time familiar.

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