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RECIPE: Teriyaki Mushroom Rice Topping

Being devout Buddhists, both my mother and grandmother would not eat meat on certain days because it is either the feast day, or the birthday of a god. And since not all restaurants offer decent vegetarian options, it becomes increasingly hard for them to find appetizing food that isn’t bland, steamed or a boiled hodgepodge of vegetables.

With that in mind, I tried my hand at creating something quick and easy with the mushrooms I found in the fridge, and this was what I came up with: something Asian, vegetarian, salty and sweet. I got to satisfy my sweet tooth too, you know!

The good thing about this Teriyaki Mushroom topping is that it also goes well with meat for added flavor and depth. So, whenever it’s one of those vegetarian days, I would make this for both my grandmother and mother after they come from the temple. Surprisingly, it’s even a hit with my sisters, who make it a point to request for me to make it with extra sauce.

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