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LOOK: I Tried 30 Different Tea Drinks at Tea Bubble House!

Greenhills is often my go-to spot for food, especially on weekends when I’m lazy to drive far. It’s a familiar space to me with everything I need to keep me busy— from restaurants to specialty stores, coffee shops, tiangge stalls and more. And the best part is that everything is interconnected for your convenience. All you need to do is figure out your way around, and you’re good to go!

One example is the bridge-way that connects Greenhills Promenade and Virra Mall. You can find several tech shops before getting to the tiangge full of even more phone accessories and parts, but if you stop for a moment, you will find this gem of a milk tea shop called Tea Bubble House.

Just like many of the milk tea shops here in the Philippines, Tea Bubble House offers a seating area for groups, and even a bar top area where you can watch them prepare your tea. Situated away from the chaos of the tiangge stalls, Tea Bubble House can be akin to an oasis. Their line of drinks keep you cool from the Manila heat, quench your thirst, give you that much-needed sugar boost, or can even be a pick-me-up before going back to your errands.

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